Iron Wil on Good and Bad, Build Yourself Up

it took time to change the vision of who I wanted to be and during that time of change, I stood in front of the mirror and would say “I am The Iron Wil, Wil Becker!”. I would talk about the person I wanted to become and look myself in the eye.

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Irving, Purposes

Great minds have purposes … others have wishes.” – Washington Irving

It is with will power and discipline that we accomplish our goals and desires. Be great by becoming a better and more mindful person; because it is the journey towards perfection that makes one great (1).

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(1) Walding, Pursuit … not Perfection

Walding, Pursuit … not Perfection

It is the pursuit, it’s not perfection; it is the pursuit of perfection is what makes a man great.” – John Wayne Walding

I have a few channels on YouTube that I follow and the NRA is one of them. No surprise there, I am sure. This spring they published the I Am Forever series following Reagan as she prepares to become a competition shooter. The series recently ended and in the final episode, John Wayne Walding, made this statement. It resonated with me! It hit home. The reason is because there is no such thing as perfection in this life. Granted, there are moments or times when something is done very well. Perfection is a goal that no mortal can ever reach. The pursuit is what refines and defines us; our character is forged in the pursuit of our goal. Whether it is to become a better golfer, basketball player, or teacher. To be a better Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, or Taoist; one must pursue perfection in their faith and that practice of their religion. At the least, we humans should be working to become the best human we can become. If you aren’t sure what that means, I can only tell you what it means to me.

His comment is at the 12:06 mark.

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