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Every Citizen a Sentinel

Every Citizen a Sentinel

Two years back, I came across this podcast, The Survivalist Podcast, and it has some great content and information. Personally, it didn’t really fit my needs however, on their Gear Site, they have a great 2nd Amendment t-shirt. One of the lines on the back of the T-Shirt is “Every Citizen a Sentinel”. Now, we both know that I must really like this statement to be writing about it. That would be correct! I love this statement because it codifies what I believe the Founding Fathers were driving at!

They wanted citizens to participate in government, starting at the local level. They wanted Americans to be educated and well rounded. They envisioned a people that hungered and thirsted after knowledge … like they did. Of course, they also realized that people are human … mortals, they make mistakes and cause problems for themselves. Today, we (and those in the last few generations) have caused some serious problems for our nation and its people. We could discuss the welfare state, the new healthcare laws, executive orders, the current education (sub)standards, the expectations that are being forced on the good people of the USA. I know, I am conservative and have a specific view of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Founding Fathers, and the events that have transpired since the founding of our nation.

I will admit that my life experiences have helped to form and focus my ideas and beliefs about the current state of our country’s political and social-economic atmosphere. We can cut through the fog of political correctness by understanding the Founders of our nation. We can find this knowledge in many of their writings which have been preserved and reprinted. I know some will say they don’t understand the English they used; then I would recommend 2 things, get a dictionary from before 1900 and practice reading the documents and letters penned when our nation was birthed.

One of the prime responsibilities for citizens of a Republic is education (notice, I didn’t say school); that is self-education. Seeking out the best books and doing the research and leg work to understand what we read. When I lived with my parents and especially when my dad was active duty, I would often see him sitting with a book and reading something. Often, it was the Chilton’s book for the car we currently had and many times it was a magazine or book on another subject. A few things I remember my dad reading include; Popular Mechanics, Popular Science (which is why I love technology!), scriptures, Star Trek novels, Army materials for his MOS (Military Occupational Specialty), parenting books, comic books (which is why I love Superheroes [Batman!]), and newspapers. He set an example of learning by reading and research. Oh, yeah I forgot the dictionary! Man, that is something that I hated at first. If I had a question about a word he would hand me his dictionary and make sure I could spell the word correctly.

I was taught to read and think. I was challenged by my parents and others to show my work (so to speak). I need to have my sources and be able to express myself clearly. My parents taught me to analyze and evaluate and then to spend time thinking about it. History became one of my favorite subjects in High School and I excelled at it.

Now, as I look back, my parents taught me to be a Citizen Sentinel by learning to educate myself. Our greatest power continues to be the integrity and virtue of the American people. We, can change the current political climate by living and espousing the values of freedom and upholding our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We can return to our historical roots and turn back the laws and regulations and invasiveness of our Federal Government by changing our communities and politicians. By supporting those who espouse freedom and liberty. You can and should become a Citizen Sentinel to help defend our culture and nation!

iron wil