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MacDonald, Trusted

It is a greater compliment to be trusted than to be loved.” – George MacDonald

This concept is one thing that I have come around to after many years of personal growth, study, and contemplation. I have felt that integrity is a keystone characteristic and for many years I have worked on my own self to find a firm and strong foundation to stand upon. I have found my rock of principles to stand upon and take up my banner. I heard a story about a man who had great integrity and it was mind blowing.

“I was raised on a small farm in northern Utah. We were blessed to have enough land, not enough to make a living, but enough to make work for a young boy. My parents were good, hardworking, industrious people. In order to make ends meet, my father took outside employment. Each morning before he left for work, he would make a list of chores he wanted me to accomplish before he came home that evening.

I remember on one occasion one of the items on the list was to take a small broken part from our hay rake to the blacksmith shop to have it repaired. I was uncomfortable about going. My father hadn’t left any money, and I wondered what I should do. I put off going as long as I could. When all my other chores were finished, I knew I couldn’t avoid it any longer. Father expected the broken part to be repaired when he came home, and it was my responsibility to see that it was done.

I can still remember walking the mile or so to the blacksmith shop. I even remember how uncomfortable I was as I watched him weld the part. As he finished, I nervously told him that I had no money, but that my father would pay him later. I’m sure he sensed my anxiety. He patted me on the shoulder and said, “Son, don’t worry, your father’s word is as good as his bond.” I remember running all the way home, relieved that the part had been repaired and grateful that my father was known as a man whose word was as good as his bond.

As a boy I didn’t fully understand what that meant, but I knew it was good and something to be desired. It was years later that I recognized that a person whose word is as good as his bond is a person of honesty and integrity, a person to be trusted. In today’s world, there are some who think nothing of breaking their word, their promises, their covenants with man and with God. What a blessing it is to deal with those whom we can trust.”

Sheldon F. Child
As Good As Our Bond
General Conference April 1997

While some will count this story as quaint or nice; the truth is bold and direct. I hope that I will live to be a man of integrity like Mr. Child’s father.

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