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The reputation of a thousand years may be determined by the conduct of one hour.” – Japanese Proverb

This quote came to we when I was in University. I don’t remember the actual source anymore or what book it came from. However, I think that it is quite indicative of first impressions or brushing experiences. When I was introduced to my wife, it was via eMail. A very good friend asked that I write Lauren, so I did. I even made sure that I sent her a link to my website, hoping that she would see the photos and like six previous women become uninterested in me. I am a big guy, weighing at that time about 330lbs. I used it to push people away. However, because of the things that Mary had been telling Lauren those photo’s didn’t deter her. So, my reputation with Lauren was made by someone elses experiences with me; she was not turned away I used to watch Mary’s kids and help her and Jimmy out when they needed an extra set of hands. Their family and mine (speaking of my parents and siblings) became very good friends and that friendship changed my life. Today we have 3 boys and have been married 8.5 years.

Be mindful of your behavior and actions, because you never know who will see you and what will come from that interaction.

iron wil