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Gowalla vs. Foursquare

***Update*** I have canceled my Foursquare account and am looking for a good looking alternative ***Update***

I was very sad when Facebook bought Gowalla out and announced that it was an aq-hire (where a company buys out another for the talent).  I remember choosing Gowalla for two very specific reasons 1) I could easily add locations and 2) they had a beautiful interface.  I loved the icons for each location, which were specific for landmarks, events, buildings, and other such fun and cool stuff.  I enjoyed scrolling through my buttons to see the states I had been in and the achievements.  I also happened to like the orange color and kangaroo logo!  They were fun and conveyed and international feel.  I was looking forward to using it as I traveled.

I remember checking out Foursquare and not selecting it because it was blue and had generic icons for its locations.  Blah!  I did move to Foursquare when Gowalla announced its aq-hire.  I used it for a while … the only compelling thing … friends.  Oh wait, I already use Facebook.

I have decided to close my Foursquare account and try other services that connect to Facebook & Twitter.  I prefer a beautiful UI over application popularity & no, I am not interested in boring, plain, generic UI.

So long Foursquare!

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