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Project 2000 featured AirPlay!

In my regular purusal of my favorite websites, I came across a post on TUAW. Found Footage: Project 2000 from 1988 on the direction of computing.

After watching this video and seeing the September iPod announcements and the new Apple TV; it really solidifies even more the direction that I think Apple is headed.  If they get there watch out, it will be amazing!!  Think of ubiquitous computing to the next level.  Your TV is connected to your network and you can push video or anything else to it.

I can use my iPad to push a Keynote that I am working on to the TV to check the scale and get an idea of how it will look.  I will be able to put up a spreadsheet and a website I am working from and other resources.  Using the Apple TV and the iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone.  It allows for a family or coworkers to share and collaborate in the office.  It moves us closer to the Star Trek interface.  Where the screen changes and we can use voice commands to navigate, work, and interact with the computers that will surround us.

What really surprised me was that the TUAW writer didn’t even get to these points.  He missed the kid pushing his project to the ‘chalk board’ from his hand-held device.

The future is coming and Apple is bringing it!!!

iron wil