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Skype My Phone

I admit that I have a Skype Pro account and my wife loves it! I should probably have her write this review.

I have been using Skype for a few years and I am quite happy with it. I have friends and family making calls and we are trying to get one of my grandmothers online too. I am still waiting for the phone call to make that happen. Recently we moved into a new apartment and I am dead set against paying for services we don’t really need – like a phone line. Really, why pay 60$ a month for static? Standard cell phones have all the services that we ‘need’, including 911 – if my memory serves me correctly.

Philips VOIP 841The wife wanted a handset, why when she has a cell and can Bluetooth the Skype Pro account on the iMac – I don’t know. So, I convinced her that we just need to get a phone for our Skype account. I was surprised that she went for it, but at about 90$ a year for the phone number and unlimited US calling why not!

So, a few weeks later the Philips VOIP 841 arrived. I bought it through the online Skype store, since I wanted to go back to them and complain if it didn’t work. Not only does it work, the wife is very happy with it, her only complaint is that it doesn’t have all our phone numbers in it [yet]. My only complaint is that each handset runs off 2xAA batteries. They don’t seem to last more than a day or two if you are making phone calls.

They are super easy to setup and I had the main handset and base station setup in about 10 minutes. It took a few days for the second handset because I hadn’t read the directions. The second handset automatically links to the registered [Skype] account and the handsets sync through the base station, unless the account is actually managed there [which is my thinking].

Overall, the system is a buy, just remember that you don’t have 911 service and you can’t video chat.

iron wil