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I, Wrote

a pause and reflection

looking down a dusty road,
birds chirping abound – a
calm peace and quite settle on down.
the sun shines in a field of cerebellum
wind softly moving south.

forever stretches out ahead of me
a clear and strait path that leads

the trees laughing and grasses dancing
wheat fields swaying with their tops
hung low – some thing heavenly on their minds.

visions of Eternity flirt in and out of my
understanding –
words of a prophet – ancient and modern,
bolster and strengthen me.
I look forward and end my rest, my
stop for the Sabbath day.

with strength and encouragement
I confidently put one foot in front
and stepped out of my respite.
dust clouds poofing up as I put each
foot down.
walking down the road of eternal
life . . . many miles left to go and
someone to find and help me along.
one day . . . I will be blessed
by a companion.

smiling and shining – light and angelic
still I walk the dusty road
alone . . .

wil becker

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