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visualization n.
1. the act or an instance of visualizing
2. (Psychology) a technique involving focusing on positive mental images in order to achieve a particular goal
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers

I wanted to start out this post with a clear understanding of the definition. Because, visualization is something that I have been doing for years. So long, that when I started reading “The Secret“, I could have stopped after the first chapter. I did need the reminder so that I would put the practice back in place 100% of the time instead of just tinkering with it.

The book “The Secret” is all about the power of visualization. Capturing in your mind the place you want to be and transporting yourself there by sheer force of your imagination!

I did this by reading my favorite quotes daily! Yes, I did it daily. At one point during my collage years, I had a wall of 80 some quotes and I knew them so well that I didn’t have to read them anymore, I could just reach up and touch the 3×5 card on the wall. They became so integral to my daily routine and I because so familiar with them that the ones I needed the most that day would stand out and I would only see those quotes! As I write this I an still see that wall of that old apartment bedroom and it still empowers me today!

Visualization is the most powerful and important key to changing our lives! I would recommend that if you haven’t read “The Secret” that you get to the library or your favorite book store and get a copy and spend time on it. Spend as much time as you need!

These quotes are important to me because I wanted to develop the qualities and characteristics that they express. I got some very good advice around the age of 13; and I was given the tool to change my life and reorder my world. Many of the quotes that I am writing about helped to forge my character and shape the man I am today. That is why I am sharing them and my story with you

also …

Mom, thank you for sitting on me and telling me I had the power to change!

iron wil

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