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Easy Password or Key Generation

I have been listening to Security Now with Leo Laporte & Steve Gibson for a few months. In a netcast sometime back, Steve mentioned his “Perfect Password” page at GRC.com. So, I decided to check it out and am very impressed by his “pseudo-random” password generator. This page creates a unique 64 character key [ie. DA4AD54A99813CF3 – 5F7AC16C1BC91CAD – 7F8356D92095D07B – 2EA6539A439F3906*], and one 63 ASCII key, and one 63 alpha-numeric key.

You can use this for websites, wireless access points, and any other place you need a strong random password. On his password page he also provides additional information about the key creation process. If you need cryptographically-strong passwords, this is the place to get them!

iron wil

(*Note: I broke this key up to ensure that it would fit this page)

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