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The Gathering … a Story about Adoption

A friend recently published a book about adoption.

The Gathering
one family’s adoption story
by Annie Laurie & Brian Richardson

Daddy, please send mommy to find me!

After years of gut-wrenching struggles, almost a half a million in adoption expenses, months of separation, hours and hours of pleading prayers on our knees and silently in our hearts, this was it, and there she was.

The Gathering is the account of an incredibly courageous woman. The Gathering is the story of a mother, with the support of her husband and children, who searched for her missing children in the jungles of the Marshal Islands, the poverty-choked country of Vietnam, and the corrupt country of Haiti. The Gathering is a story of a family that fought and struggled to find their children in the U.S. through private adoptions and state foster-care systems. The Gathering is an incredible story of faith, hope, and miracles.

This is their story.”

Get the book here.

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