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Jabra BT620s & A125s, Reviewed

Back in November I picked these babies up and used them for about 3 months.  I got them for about 100$ through a 3 party seller on Amazon.  My iPod headphones were dying and they never really fit anyway.

I got these in the mail & charged them right away.  It was very easy to connect the A125s dongle to the BT620s headphones, once I understood that order to do things.  They headphones were light enough and had full over the ear coverage.  The sound was rich and deep, my only problem is that they made my ears hot.  The other problem that I constantly faced with them was intermittent connection.

I know that Bluetooth is not the same as wireless, but I expected a lot less interruption in the connection.  If I turned my head or if I got just 5 feet away from the iPod & dongle, the music would start to drop off.  I didn’t experience any problems when sitting in front or beside my MacBook or iPod.

The BT620s also functions as a headset for phones or computers, think Skype, and that worked well with good sound quality.  The built in controls worked very nicely and even paused the music for incoming calls, as advertised.

I sold them for 2 reasons, the padded full covered ear muffs and the broken connectivity.  I would give them a high rating if you are just going to be using them at your desk.  The BT620s would be a great headset for VOiP applications via a computer.

iron wil